Saturday 22 March 2008

Wine 0.9.58, Fedora 8 and Photoshop CS2

Wine 0.9.58 wss released a few hours ago and I couldn't wait for binary builds to hit the Fedora repositories. As it turns out, compiling WIne from source is a breeze.
  1. Download the source tarball from

  2. Untar
    tar -zxvf wine-0.9.58.tar.bz2

  3. Run wineinstaller !
    cd wine-0.9.58

  4. Wine will ask you whether you want to install as super user. Say yes and provide the root password when it prompts you. (Might take a while)

DOne ! The new release has so much hype around it specially since someone managed to get Photoshop CS3 working on the git version a couple of weeks ago. I don't have CS3 installer with me, so I decide to test wine using the next best thing - Photoshop CS2. Sure, CS2 is in the AppDB Gold list, so nothing magical here. But I have had no luck with the default versions of Wine that shipped with Fedora.

As it turns out, installation is a breeze as well. Just run wine Setup.exe Everything works without a hitch. Kudos to all wine developers and Google for pushing Photoshop support, I can finally have some fun with Photoshop on linux !

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