Monday 7 July 2008

TrueCrypt 6.0 on Fedora 9

TrueCrypt 6.0 was released on 4th of July. The new version has many improvements, the most important ones being parallelized encryption/decryption and hidden volume support for Linux and MacOS. Parallelized encryption/decryption makes use of multiple cores to speed up the process, therefore TrueCrypt on a dual core machine would be twice as fast compared to a machine with a single core processor. The new version for Linux also makes use of the native kernel cryptographic services for the XTS mode, making disk accesses almost as fast as normal disk accesses. Full feature list for TrueCrypt 6.0 can be found at

Since there are no binaries for Fedora, TrueCrypt has to be compiled from the source. The process is quite straight forward and hasn't changed since the last release. The sources have been fixed with the correct includes, so this version will not spill out compiler errors.

TrueCrypt 6.0 is a worthy update that will make your disk encryption process more streamlined.

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