Thursday 16 September 2010

Adobe Flash 'Square' for Linux 64bit

After putting 64bit native Linux Flash player on hold indefinitely, Adobe have done an about turn and released a version of Flash Player 10.2 'Square' preview for 64 bit Linux as well. Good things about this release are that:
  • After some serious security flaws were discovered, Adobe advised on an upgrade. But for us poor 64bit Linux users, there was no 64 bit version to upgrade to until now.
  • It's a native Linux 64bit binary which should integrate well with Pulseaudio etc and use less reources. This funny comment on Slashdot illustrates the previous state of things really well.
  • I suddenly seem to be able to watch 1080p HD videos on Youtube. Can't recall ever seeing that option while I was using the old player.
So go ahead and grab the new version from here. To install the plugin in Fedora, just untar and copy to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins

1 comment:

Dasun said...

Dude, thats great. Anyway , we still cant watch you tube in HD using Linux.

not because of flash plugin , because of the low bandwidth. :P