Sunday 27 April 2008

aMSN - snack audio

In order to have voice support in aMSN ( a third party library named libsnack is required. Some distributions have this library in the repositories while some do not.

The snack libraries are available at If you can't find the binaries for your distro, download the source and compile.

tar xvf snack2.2.10.tar.gz
cd snack2.2.10/unix
sudo yum install tcl-devel tk-devel
./configure --prefix=/usr/share/tk8.5
sudo make install

If snack is already installed but aMSN reports that it cannot find the libraries. The solution is listed here In my system, snack was installed in /lib/snack2.2 and it wasn't included in the aMSN path. To figure out the path used by aMSN, load aMSN and press Shift+Ctrl+C to bring up a console. Then type set ::auto_path If /lib is not in the output, create a symlink to /lib/snack2.2 in one of the paths searched by aMSN. I simply did
sudo ln -s /lib/snack2.2/ /usr/share/tk8.5/snack2.2

Now aMSN should detect libsnack and audio settings should work as expected.

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