Friday 4 April 2008

Monica - Linux Monitor Calibration

My friend over at recently bought a new LCD monitor and we have been banging our heads together to find a decent monitor calibration tool. Most of the freeware utilities out there are for windows and every tool that we tried was too complicated unless you are an expert photographer/graphic designer.

Monica ( is a simple utility that works on Linux. Compared to other programs that we tried, monica is very easy for average people like us to use. All you need to do is squint at the image shown and adjust the sliders until the image shows a smooth gray gradient without colour cues.

Installation is easy as well. On my Fedora machine, this is what I did to install monica:

tar -jxvf monica-3.6.tar.bz2
cd monica-3.6
sudo yum install fltk-devel
make install

To run, just type monica

Happy calibrating !


Unknown said...

Hi folks, the link no longer works to Tried Googling it but all the downloads are broken. Anyone have this file they can upload? Thanks!

- K

Unknown said...

yeah found one on a mirror :)