Wednesday 16 April 2008

Compiz-fusion 0.7.5

If you installed compiz-fusion on Fedora 8 in a similar way to mine, you might have noticed that the package updater is encountering some errors while trying to update compiz packages. Here's what I did to update compiz-fusion to version 0.7.5 using the repository found at

Step 1 : Find all your active repositories
sudo yum repolist

Step 2 : Disable all repos except the fusion repo and update !
sudo yum --disablerepo=fedora --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=updates update compiz-all fusion-all

I haven't had the time to explore at depth, but the most striking new addition is the cylinder effect. It certainly beats the boring cube. I also noticed that cube atlantis has got coloured fish now (Hard to see in the screenshot).

As always, compiz-fusion rocks !

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